Chiseled Paint Brush

How Attamark produces quality paintbrush


To see a demo of Attamark paintbrushes, please watch the videos below:

1st Clip (Length 03:56)

This video clip shows the offerings of Attamark based on handle material, filament type and the shape of the paintbrush head or brush handle. The handle can be made of beech wood, hard wood, varnished wood, softgrip plastic or plastic.The Attamark paintbrush is manufactured using filaments such as polyester, natural China bristle, or nylon, or a blend of any of the above. We will spend time discussing how the packaging helps protect the paint brush. We will show the filaments on an Attamark paint brush are solid round tapered, which means they come to a fine tip. We also show what it means to have flagged filaments.

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2nd Clip (Length 03:36)

In this video clip, we demonstrate how the filaments on an Attamark paintbrush line up straight. Also, we show what it means to have a chiseled brush head, which allows the professional painter to achieve precision painting and cut sharp lines. This video clip also points out the fact that filaments on an Attamark brush are a blend of a variety of different lengths, just like the best paintbrushes in the world. Finally, we explain that because we use solvent-resistant epoxy to hold the filaments in the ferrule, the filaments do not fall of from the brush head.

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To see a video explaining the benefits of the slip-proof GripperCloth, please view the clip below:

Clip (Length 00:26)

Traditional dust sheets used on finished surfaces create a hazardous environment for workers. Other methods of protection include plastic based products in sheet or roll out form but those products are not reusable and although cheap to purchase initially, the restocking of the product makes it not cost effective. The solution is GripperCloth, which combines the benefits of traditional dust sheets alongside advanced slip-free technology. It stays in place and conforms to the surface underneath. It is washable and suitable for all floor types including wood, tiles, laminate, vinyl, terrazzo and marble.

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