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Synthetic filaments can be used with water-based and oil-based paints. Synthetic paint brushes are manufactured to maintain well, meaning a cleaner paint brush as compared to that made with natural bristle. The best synthetic filaments from paint brush manufacturers are solid round tapered Polyester and / or Nylon filaments.

The tapered filament means that one end of the filament is sharper than the other end.

The tapered end allows you to paint without leaving brush strokes and gives shape for precise cutting-in, which is the reason why you would choose a paint brush over using a roller.

If the thickness of a brush feels the same from base to tip, it is untapered.

Angle Sash Paint Brush


Quality paint brush manufacturers all make the top edge of the filaments with a uniformly straight edge. Ragged edges on the heads made by unbranded paint brush manufacturers make it difficult to lay down paint evenly or in a straight line. Because all Attamark paint brushes are made handcrafted, we do our very best to ensure filaments line up straight.

Clean Paint Brush


To create a chiseled brush, Attamark goes through a special manufacturing process after the filaments have been secured onto the ferrules. By being chiseled, the Attamark brush is manufactured to help you cut a sharper edge.

Paint brush stroke


Attamark manufactures paint brushes using a blend of a great variety of filament lengths to allow the filaments to bend more gradually to increased pressure - allowing for finer control while painting.

how to paint using paint brush


Poor filament retention in the ferrule can cause a brush to shed filaments, which are deposited on the painted surface or left in the paint can. The bristles on Attamark paint brushes are not held by plain glue to the base. They are firmly secured in the ferrules with a solvent resistant epoxy resin during manufacturing to ensure they do not shed.

All Attamark brushes go through a machine in the factory that combs the brushes so that any loose filaments are brushed off before being packaged.

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