paint sundries wholesale

Wholesale Attamark paint sundries


Our guarantee is that any product bearing the Attamark name must be top of its class of paint applicators and paint tools. And if you happen to be our private label customer, we will treat your brand and your products with as much importance as our own, ensuring consistently good quality.

We know we are not the biggest paint sundries supplier, so to create an outsized impact, we try harder and listen carefully to customer needs.

Our products are designed with the end-user in mind, gathered from product tests done with trade schools, vocational schools and professional painters.

Our wholesale range is defined by the full set of painting tools a professional painter would ever need. Nothing is duplicative because every tool in our range serves a specific purpose. Yet quite a few items in our range are likely to be nothing you have ever seen before. Beyond the essentials, we carry products tried and tested in other parts of the world but are just catching on in your home market.